My name is Iqra Razzaq and I’m currently a first year in the College of Arts and Science. I’m Pakistani-American and grew up in a small town in southwest Virginia with my four sisters. I’m currently undeclared, however I’m interested in politics and media studies, and hope to eventually reach law school. I’m a University Achievement Award scholar and am active in ESOL with Madison House, and I volunteer as a Sunday School teacher at the ISCV center throughout the year.

Video Background: I initially constructed this video concept to humanize the Refugee Crisis, and planned on interviewing various refugees and non-refugees (i.e. staff and students from UVA). I felt many times these refugees were defined solely through wars and this caused a rift in understanding the global community; it became difficult to view refugees simply as human beings because many couldn’t relate to them. I planned on asking simple questions to evoke common human emotions we all share and show that regardless of everything, we are all human. After the election, I had to shift focus as I realized I couldn’t move to an exterior issue when there was a dire interior issue among both political parties as they were greatly dehumanizing each other. I now asked the same set of questions I was going to use for the first concept in this video to heal the new divides in the community. The point is to start a conversation of difference, to truly understand those who may look or believe different from us, and to realize how similar we actually are. Please click here to view the video.

– Iqra Razzaq