Student Spotlight: Mariam Gbadamosi

Mariam Gbadamosi crop edit.jpg

Name: Mariam Gbadamosi

Hometown: New Castle, Delaware

High School: The Charter School of Wilmington

Year at UVA: 2nd year

Major/Department: Undeclared; Prospective Human Biology

Involvement at UVA (ie., organizations, research, study aboard, service)

  1. Office of African American Affairs Peer Adviser
  2. Peer Health Educator
  3. OSAC Advisory Board
  4. I am a research assistant working with a sociology professor on a project investigating how student relationships impact sexual assault on college campuses.
  5. UVA in Costa Rica summer study abroad to complete my spanish language requirement

If there was one thing you wish someone had told you during the college admission process, what would that have been?

I wish that someone would have told me that everything is going to work out, so I should enjoy my senior year and not stress too much. There are so many moving parts in the admissions process that you can’t control, and you should not focus on those parts. You can only control yourself and what you do, so you should focus on doing the best that you can and let the chips fall where they may.

Why did you decide to come to the University of Virginia?

I decided to come to UVA after I visited for the first time during Days on the Lawn. After that day, I could imagine myself succeeding here academically and socially. Most of all, I just had the feeling that this was the place that I wanted to be for the next 4 years. I am an out of state student, so I had some anxiety about moving far away from home, but I knew that the opportunities here were worth it.

Share with us your thoughts/feelings about diversity at the University of Virginia.

I think may minority groups are underrepresented at the University, and this is a big problem for representation. It’s hard to succeed in a place where you don’t always see people that look like you. That being said, the minority communities here are strong and tightly knit. There are many organizations that provide resources and a strong support network for students and make you feel like they really care about your experience academically, socially, and mentally.

Mariam Gbadamosi, College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2020,