Review of Spring Fling/Black Alumni Weekend

By Jacob Uskavitch

2nd year – AAS and CHEM Major

Over this past weekend, I further realized the depth of the black community at the University of Virginia. Hosting perspective students during Spring Fling and connecting with graduates at Black Alumni Weekend intertwined the past with the current and future of the student community. While it has been a rough year in regards to everything surrounding grounds, this weekend was well needed in providing discussion and an overall good time with fellow, past, and hopefully future classmates.

For Spring Fling, I volunteered to host two perspective students overnight. I really enjoyed showing these two future hoos around grounds and making sure they had a good time. This was a great opportunity for them to ask questions to current students, to visit classes and dorms, and to figure out what the college experience is like at the University.

From Black Voices having their alumni sing at their concert to mingling with brothers who were initiated into the Iota Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. decades ago, graduates are very involved in the university community and are heavily active in the organizations they were once members as u11038805_10206286233659857_2597341008819131865_ondergraduates. Reaching out to graduates is a common thing when it comes to finding research or job opportunities during the summer or after graduation. Our community fosters that connection.

As this was my first time hosting for Spring Fling and attending Black Alumni Weekend, I look forward to the next time participating in these events.


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