Student Spotlight: Sebastian Perez

Sebastian Perez

Name: Sebastian Perez 

Year: Third Year 

Major: Commerce 

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia 

Cultural Background: Puerto Rican 

Why did you choose UVA? I like slightly larger schools, so UVA was ideal for me because there are a wide variety of different groups you can be a part of and the University still provides a challenging academic environment. The school is also two hours away from home, which is just far enough to really feel like I’m living independently without it being hard to get home if I need to. 

What are your involvements at UVA, and what do these involvements mean to you? Apart from my classes, I’m currently serving as the Director of Events for the Latino Student Network at McIntire, the Outreach Chair for Culture of Respect Educators (CORE), a “Familia” head for the Hispanic/Latinx Peer Mentor Program (PMP), and the Diversity and Outreach Chair of the Inter-Fraternity Council Governing Board. 

While these involvements pertain to distinct organizations, the common denominator is that they each require a measurable amount of community engagement in order to be successful, and I tend to measure my success based on the amount of people benefiting from my efforts. So despite these involvements taking a lot of my time, the projects I’ve accomplished are actually what continue to energize me because I get to see the impact my work has on different segments of the student population. 

How do you view diversity at UVA? We are not where we should be. The conversations are finally beginning, but we are far from finished. That being said, I have a lot of pride in our student community and the faculty who have taken the initiative to work towards a more integrated and inclusive University. I’m a bit more than halfway through my undergraduate experience, and we have already made significant progress through student-led efforts.  

When we take ownership of what we want to accomplish, then we can do so much more than we thought was possible. The people I’ve met consistently demonstrate that fact every day, and I’m excited to be a part of what comes next! 

How would you describe your experience at UVA? It’s really had its ups and downs. I think we have a tendency to reinforce expectations for students to have to do something as a component of your time here, which is not always healthy. But nevertheless, my involvements have afforded me a lot of opportunities for growth and I definitely feel like a different person than who I was when I first arrived. 

While I’ve had some great personal successes, I’ve probably had just as many failures which are equally important for my growth. So basically everything has been a learning experience.

Why should students apply to UVA? Although everyone’s “reason” for applying may differ, the University has a lot to offer its students in terms of educational resources and more. These resources  have been useful in helping me realize my academic and career goals.

Because we have so much student involvement, I feel that UVA prompts its community to actively pursue their personal and leadership goals. So if you want to find a place to continue to elevate yourself and those around you, then the people at UVA can support you in doing that.

Sebastian Perez, McIntire School of Commerce, Class of 2021,


Fall Blast and Fall Fling 2019!

The Office of Undergraduate Admission just hosted its annual Fall Blast – for prospective Hispanic/Latinx students – and Fall Fling – for prospective Black/African American students – open house events last Friday and Saturday! Current students, faculty and administrators shared the UVA experience with our visiting families.

About 300 folks attended Fall Blast and almost 600 attended Fall Fling. From videos, to panels, to talks and tours, things were poppin’!

We want to say Thank You! to the students and their families who took time out to visit us and wish all of you who will be applying to UVA all the best!!

Days on the Lawn!

Since decisions came out a few weeks ago, the Outreach Office has been busy with Days on the Lawn – an open house for admitted students to get to know UVA a little better. Last Friday, in addition to Days on the Lawn, the Admission Office also held Spring Blast and Spring Fling – events for admitted Latinx and African American students! This year’s Spring Fling and Spring Blast celebrations brought around 1,300 guests to Grounds where they gained a better insight into what life at UVA looks like. On Friday Jordan Kijewski, one of the interns in the Outreach Office, delivered the welcome address – find it below!

Upcoming Events

Hey Hoos! Look out for these fun events coming up around Grounds!

Thursday, February 28: 6:30pm: New Cabell 489

– As Black History Month comes to an end, join the Black Student Alliance for “What Now?”, an open discussion on dealing with race-related scandals. We’ll be touching on Governor Ralph Northam, fashion brands using blackface, Jussie Smollett, and more. Bring friends and bring your thoughts! We’ll see you all on Thursday!

Saturday, March 2: 1pm: UVA Chapel: Black Voices Winter Benefit Concert

– This is a free, donations-based concert! 

  Benefitting the Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents, striving to educate and empower low-income residents to protect and improve communities through collective action

Class Council and Trustees Applications Now Open

– Due March 8 at noon

Upcoming Events

Here’s to a new week, Hoos, and thanks for tuning back into our blog!! We hope everyone is having an exciting first few weeks of this new semester (and staying warm!) The next two weeks are packed with fun activities and new ways to get involved around Grounds, enjoy!

February 5: 6pm: Newcomb Theatre: Help Bring in the Class of 2023 Volunteer Info Session for the Office of Admission

February 5: 7pm: Rouss Robertson Hall 116: AKPsi Co-Ed Business Fraternity Info Session

February 7: 6pm: Rouss Robertson Hall 116: AKPsi Co-Ed Business Fraternity Info Session

February 7: 7pm: Minor Hall 125: Black Voices Rehearsal

February 8: 5-8pm: Newcomb Theatre: Black Expressions feat. Marc Lamont Hill: Free Catered Food

February 16: 5-8pm: Alumni Hall: A Taste of the East: Ethiopian and Eritrean art showcase and dinner: Get tickets and more info here:

February 18-23: Black Culture Week

February 23: 7-10pm: Inn at Darden: Black Ball!! Get tickets and more info here:

Black Fridays – every Friday at 1:30pm in the LPJ Black Cultural Center #3 Dawson’s Row: come for food and fellowship!

Check out this calendar the Office of African American Affairs created to highlight upcoming events to celebrate Black History Month: